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7 Steps to Be More Powerful

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Summary: Being powerful is a mindset. With powerful habits, people will start to see you and respect you as that powerful leader.

Observe someone that you consider powerful. Think about how they got to this position of power. Chances are they weren’t handed it or born into it. They have had to work at it through the right habits, actions, and behaviors. This means that anyone can be in a position of power if they follow the right steps.

  1. Don’t speak too much

Someone of power knows when to be quiet. As Abraham Lincoln once said, “It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.” World leaders know how to speak eloquently, clearly, and when needed. When you speak less often and are thoughtful about what you say, there is less chance of saying things you will regret.

  1. Be flexible

Powerful leaders are able to be adaptable but not necessarily always willing to concede to others. There may be obstacles in your way that require finding a way around. Power comes with being able to solve problems, not matter the magnitude.

  1. Don’t argue

Most arguments lead nowhere. When you voice an opinion that gets received with dissent, don’t waste your energy trying to argue your point or convince them that your idea is correct. Instead, show them that your idea is good by putting to action. Results are much harder to argue against.

  1. Be an active community member

Those of power are engaged with their family, colleagues, friends and their community. Some that isolates themselves from others will struggle with keeping power. Being socially involved will help you be in-tune with the needs of others.

  1. Plan ahead

Be prepared for what may come in the future. Those that are the most powerful have sacrificed things along the way in order to get where they are. An entrepreneur will go through a period of financial uncertainty and demanding work schedules to get their business up and going. When they plan carefully for this period, they will be ready for the payouts in the end.

  1. Time things carefully

Most things can be taken care of at an appropriate time. When you have bad news for someone, you can wait until they are better prepared to hear it instead of at a time that they are already stressed and angry.

  1. Distinguish yourself

You won’t emerge as someone powerful unless you can set yourself apart somehow. Try working harder than others, speaking louder at a meeting, or thinking outside the box.


7 Steps to Be More Powerful by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin