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How to Work with 7 Types of Managers

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Summary: Every manager has a different style. Learning to work with each kind will save you time and headaches.

Amiable – This style of management is great to work with. They seek to connect and get to know their employees on a personal level. Find something that you both have in common to talk about before moving onto work. The only concern may be a lack of focus on working instead of chit chatting all the time.

Follow Through – This kind of boss clearly communicates their expectations. Common questions you may encounter from them are “What process did you follow?” or “Where is the project plan?” They like to see the steps taken in getting to the end result, so be prepared to show them. Be able to explain a deviation from the plan with a logical explanation.

Directive – This manager is to the point and direct. They are mostly concerned with the bottom line and getting there quickly. They do not like fluff, so keep your emails short and clear and only provide the necessary background and details for projects.

Analytic – This boss cares about the numbers. They want to see the proof and will not appreciate your reasoning of taking a risk based on a hunch. Provide research that is relevant in any way to back up your ideas.

Quick Start – This boss just wants to get started and does not want to waste time talking. Have the solution or implementation for your idea done before presenting it.

Implementer – This management style is all about being involved. They like to see the work more than just being told about it. They value high-quality work and not shortcuts.

Expressive – This manager recognizes concepts, ideas, and possibilities. They are enthusiastic and don’t like to hear the negative parts to good news. Find a way to persuade your boss to get rid of an aspect of the project that doesn’t work by encouraging them in a different direction.


How to Work with 7 Types of Managers by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin