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5 Ineffective Benefits

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ineffective workplace benefits

Summary: Providing benefits that are additional perks can attract quality workers but some are ineffective and produce bigger problems in the workplace.

Companies are trying to find ways to make them more desirable to the most talented candidates. However, some benefits or perks that companies are implementing don’t translate well to the real world. They have appearance of being great but don’t end up working out. Here are five of those so called “perks”.

  1. “Whole self” work environment

Sharing one’s whole self all the time is exhausting. While a company may think that they are promoting a place where everyone can bring their “whole self”, it usually leads to resentment. “Whole self” workplaces are taking the time their employees have to live outside of it so they try to let them do it at work. It is best just to let your workers have an outside life that lets them participate in their passions and problems out in the world.

  1. Giving more vacation time instead of an increased pay

One enticement that companies try to give is extra vacation days. However, the smartest talent understands the repercussions in their workplace relationships if they are always gone. Everyone will resent you if you are always on vacation, leaving them to pick up the slack in your work.

  1. Casual Fridays

If you are concerned about how some may interpret casual, set clear expectations as to what is acceptable causal wear. The origin of the idea came from wealthy colleagues that wanted to be able to leave for the weekend at the vacation homes without going home to change, think of what someone in the Hamptons might wear. Without clearly define the dress code, you will get employees that wear cargo shorts and revealing tank tops that are not professional for any occasion.

  1. Unlimited bar

While providing drinks at special events allows employees to open up and relax, there will always be the risk of gossip, drunk driving, and inappropriate relations. A better way to implement this benefit for employees is to have everyone sitting around the table with a two drink limit that starts two hours before anyone would go home. This will eliminate any problems of gossiping, over drinking, driving home intoxicated while still allowing some fun time.

  1. Freedom to learn and try new things

Some managers are afraid of letting their employees gain skills in many areas whereas some employees want to try everything. Give explanations to managers that having people promoted that they train shows highly on them as a manager to prevent managers from being afraid of losing their talented workers.

Is there a perk that you wish your work would give? Tell us in the comments section below the article.


5 Ineffective Benefits by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin