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10 Tips to Advance Your Career

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Summary: These ten bits of advice will keep your career progressing in the right direction towards more responsibility and promotions.

We all want to find the best ways to advance our careers quickly out of the entry level positions but sometimes we have to focus on the quality of work instead of making friends with the higher-ups.

  1. Don’t focus on the titles

While getting to that top title is the goal, don’t worry about the titles and promotions as you get there. Focus on how hard you work, how professional you act, how well you dress, and then the results will flow.

  1. Admit mistakes

Take pride in the work you do. Someone with a humble character will be able to admit mistakes.

  1. You are an ambassador

No matter where you are, you represent your boss and your company. This means the way you dress, behave, and talk reflect back on your work. Be especially careful at work parties.

  1. Never give up

Use all the resources available to you before admitting defeat. More often than naught, if you try hard enough there will be a way to get the job done. Don’t try to rush them your tasks either.

  1. Step outside your comfort zone

You don’t build character or substance by taking the easy road. Being versatile is essential to valuable experiences but in order to achieve this you have to go outside your comfort zone.

  1. Think about your job description

This is especially true when you work for a startup company but look for ways to better the company even when it doesn’t fall in your job description. When you take these things upon yourself to improve, others will notice, leading to more responsibility.

  1. Say yes

Always accept opportunities given to you with a smile on your face. Put all your effort into the task every time.

  1. Give credit when it is due

Praise your mentors and anyone that has helped you get where you are. Be a mentor yourself so you can give back and help others.

  1. Don’t stop your growth

Very few career paths are ever straight. Be open to any new opportunities that come your way.

  1. Be prompt and proactive

The two Ps, proactive and prompt, are habits that will always be beneficial in the workplace.


10 Tips to Advance Your Career by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin