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Mistakes to Avoid When on the Search

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Summary: The job search can be a tedious process so make sure you are not making these common mistakes that are ruining your chances.

Here are 20 common mistakes you need to make sure you avoid when looking for a job.

  1. Spelling mistakes- Nothing make a worst first impression than spelling mistakes on your resume or other application materials. Read through everything several times and even have others read it to find mistakes that you are overlooking.
  2. Inappropriate email address- A professional email should be include your name and some numbers but not a catchy saying that describes your alter ego or hobbies like “Sexymama.”
  3. Laziness on your resume- Spell out words like etc and other abbreviations on your resume.
  4. No resume- A resume is your chance to sell your qualities and accomplishments to potential employers so utilize it.
  5. The wrong resume- Make sure your resume fits the position you are applying for.
  6. Disorganized resume- Keep your resume tidy and organized with the appropriate sections on it.
  7. No introduction- Including a cover letter is always the best option but if you feel that you can get away with an email introducing your interest in the position then do it. Doing neither is suicide.
  8. Interview attire- Wear a professional outfit to all interviews. Being overdressed is better than being underdressed.
  9. Personal hygiene- Don’t go workout right before your interview without taking a shower and fixing your hair. When you look sloppy, they will assume your work ethic is too.
  10. Smile- You may be nervous but don’t forget to smile and show how friendly you are.
  11. Online jobs- Finding a job online is not the only place to look. The classifieds can still be a source as well as the windows of stores.
  12. Broaden the search- Limiting your search to specific areas will not provide the best results. Look everywhere possible to find the right fit.
  13. Network- Your network is another source of insight into openings. Use them to find a job.
  14. Follow-up- Send an email, call, or send a card the same day or within the next few days to thank them for the interview and express your interest in the position again.
  15. Interview etiquette- Turn off, not just to vibrate, your cellphone during an interview. Buzzing is still noticeable in a quiet room.
  16. Enthusiasm- If you don’t express your interest and enthusiasm for the job, don’t expect it.
  17. Get the facts straight- Know your dates and details about previous positions on your resume. Something will seem more off than confusing your dates.
  18. Social media- Take advantage of the social platforms to market your skills.
  19. Rejection- You are going to get rejected but don’t let that get you down. Move on to the next opportunity and rethink your strategy, resume, and interview skills if you need to.
  20. Chances- The more quality applications you send out, the better your chances are. Just completing one application is not likely to produce a job.



Mistakes to Avoid When on the Search by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin