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Get Excited to Go Back to School

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back to school

Summary: TV shows can provide that sense of excitement when your time comes to go back to school either after summer break or years of taking time off.

Time to go back to school. There are likely a wave of emotions running through your body. Is it excitement or anxiety of the unknown? The fear of getting a bad teacher or bad classmates can easily erase any excitement that was left. Luckily you can watch some TV to calm your nerves and build that excitement back up.

Gilmore Girls

Who doesn’t love this story about a young mother making her way in the world to raise her daughter to be highly motivated and be caught up in twisted relationships like herself? Lorelai not only works full time to support her and her daughter, she also attended business school so that she was prepared and qualified to run her own business. Both mother and daughter are shown doing homework and reading multiple books, which is something you don’t see often on school-related shows.

Gossip Girl

This show isn’t necessarily for you to get excited about school. It provides more valuable fashion tips. The show also offers some office politics and social hierarchy pointers as well.

The West Wing

While this show is not directly about going to school, it does teach viewers about politics. You may need a dictionary with you to understand every word they say so I guess that can be seen as a pre-education warmup.

Halt and Catch Fire

This show is great for those that enjoy technology and are considering it for continued education classes.

If you finish all these shows and still don’t feel like you have an adequate amount of excitement for school built up, starting delving into movies such as Post Grad, The Breakfast Club, Never Been Kissed, and Don Jon.


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Authored by: Amanda Griffin