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Finding a Job after Relocating Made Easier

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Summary: Relocating to a new city does not need to be something that prevents you from looking for the best job for your future career growth.

The reasons for moving to a new city are numerous. The opportunity to start over and learn the ways of a new city is exciting and scary. The struggles to find a new job often feel like the end has come. In order to navigate a new place and get in the door with a new company, follow these tips.

  1. Study the land. Understanding where things are and the community will help you know where to look for employment. You will also learn where in town you will spend the most time with grocery shopping, doctors, dentists, gyms, restaurants, etc.
  2. Get salary surveys. These surveys will give you an idea what your experience and skills will get you in pay. Find graphs that compare pay for job titles in your new location and nationally.
  3. Check the job boards to find all the options. Check all the major sites before reworking your resume. Save the full text job descriptions, comparing them to identify the most sought-after achievements and skills that you can actually put on your resume.
  4. Create a list of potential employers that might not have openings posted.
  5. Rework your resume based on all the information you have gathered. Sprinkle keywords throughout your resume that describe your skills, accomplishments, and education.
  6. Look for a recruiter that fits with your skill set and industry. Often, many jobs are best filled with the help of a recruiter if your skills and experience are of the top quality and highest demand.
  7. Go to local job fairs. A simple Google search will show you career forums and specialized events based on industries. Check professional organizations in your industry to find out what events they sponsor.
  8. Start networking immediately in your new community. Use LinkedIn to find out who is important in the area’s industry and start building connections. Use whatever resources you are already apart of like your kids school or a singles group in you are single. A job is not your only goal. Building a strong community will help you feel grounded and connected to the new place.


Finding a Job after Relocating Made Easier by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin