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How to Find a Job You Love in 30 Days

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Summary: Find a job that you will love in 30 days with a good plan, a little hard work, and advice from this guide. 

So, it is time to find Heart of wooda job, and fast, but you want to avoid getting a dead end job that you hate. What do you do? How will you find a job that you love in less time than it takes to empty your life savings? Start with a plan, and follow this guide.

In your first couple of days, you will need to set some direction and goals to achieve along the way. You need to understand and accept that searching for a job is a job in itself. Consider yourself “at work” for at least the same hours as your target employers, staying close to your phone and email. If you want to find a job in 30 days, you are going to have to do more than submit a resume or two a day. Start your day early and use your time wisely and well. Set a schedule for yourself and stick to it.

Define your dream job. Learning and knowing what you want will go a long way towards helping you get it. Write down your top ten attributes of a job. What environment do you prefer? Would you be happier in a job working outdoors, in an office, or mixed? Do you prefer a task oriented job or a more creative one? Would you rather work for an established, stable company or do you crave the excitement and changing nature of a growing startup? Find jobs and companies that offer what you want.

Next up, start actively searching out jobs and companies that fit your ideals. You can get an idea of who is hiring in your field by checking job listings on sites like Take your favorites and visit their company websites, read articles about them, and even visit the company campus if you can. This will help you in two ways. First, you will be better informed to decide if a company has an environment in which you can thrive. Second, getting to know a company will better prepare you for landing an interview and excelling in the interview.

Once you have picked your target, hone your weapons. It’s a job hunt, after all! These include your resume, cover letters, self branding, and social media. Target these job search tools toward your chosen company and perfect them. Check out these articles Give Your Resume a Makeover and The Best Tips for Your LinkedIn Profile for a Job Seeker to learn how to do this. Don’t hesitate to get help, both from acquaintances and professionals!

Now, you are going to have to get your foot in the door and make contact. This could mean filling out online applications or submitting resumes, but don’t let it stop there. Use your personal network to help to extend your reach. Utilize family, friends, and professional contacts for help getting an introduction or, better yet, landing an interview. If you are coming to a dead end with your network, cold call some of your favorite companies. It can be tough, but you will get your name out there. You might even find an unlisted job or two to pursue.

You will need to ace the interview. Practice and preparation will go a long way. You might find information on the interviewing practices of high profile companies described online to help you prepare. Otherwise, do whatever research you can on the company, its product, and its mission to help you describe how you will contribute. Study to refresh a skill you would use in the job. Prepare with general interviewing guidelines, such as those found in this article: The Interview: Successful Interviewing Guidelines.

Finally, roll with the punches, and don’t let rejection get you down. Remember that finding good work will take a good amount of work. You might send out a few dozen resumes. You might make as many phone calls. You might not get selected at your first, second, or even third interview, but be persistent. Don’t take it personally. Roll up your sleeves, and get back to work. With the right plan, help from your network, and real effort, you can land a job you love in 30 days.

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Authored by: Cameron Griffin