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College Clubs That Are Fun and Will Build Your Resume

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Summary: Build your resume before you graduate from college by joining some clubs or organizations that will help build valuable skills.

College is the time to take advantage and get ahead while also having fun. There are clubs and organizations that will be fun to be a part of and will look great on your resume. Look at these ideas to see if any sound like a good chance for you to make new friends, network, and build your resume.

Tour Guide- How better to gain public speaking mixed with sales experience than by working as a tour guide. You are constantly talking in front large groups while trying not to bore them to death. When you are finally working in an office setting where the boss calls on you to pitch an idea to the team, you will be prepared. Plus, some schools offer perks to students that work as tour guides.

Debate Club- This club will teach you how to hold your own in a discussion, which is an important skill to have in business meetings. The public speaking experience learned here is taken to the next level by adding pressure and argumentation.

Student Government- Leadership is a great skill to have on your resume as well as learning how a student body government works. This position also translates into great recommendations and networking contacts through the administration personnel that you work with.

Industry Clubs- If you are looking to go medical, join the club for whichever field you are looking to go into. You will have the opportunity to meet those in a majority of your classes on a new level as well as network with those in your field.

Philanthropy Club- Charity or volunteer work within the community is a requirement for many graduate programs and a bonus for many employers. You will find that doing things for your community is a rewarding and fun activity.

Start your own- Maybe you want a book club but your school doesn’t have one or a running club. Being able to have enough passion, drive, and organization to start your own club will say a lot about you as a person.


College Clubs That Are Fun and Will Build Your Resume by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin