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Career Worthy On-Campus Jobs

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Summary: Kill two birds with one stone by getting a job on-campus that gives you the needed money and resume-building skills for the future.

For many in college, having a job is necessary. Make the most of your time in college and find a job that gives you experience to help after college. There are a number of positions on campus that can give the hands-on skills to add to your resume and allow you to earn some much needed money. Here are a few ideas of on-campus jobs that will earn you more specialized skills.

Alumni association event planner – This position will be more valuable than a campus tour guide. You have to develop strong organizational and creative skills. There will also be a lot of cold calling that will help you improve your telephone skills, a skill needed for pretty much every career. The biggest bonus to this job is that you will make connections with alumni, which is never a bad thing when searching for a job after college.

Student and foreigner tutor – Get a job tutoring students that speak English as a second language in whatever area you are an expert in or want to become an expert in. Helping these students with programs like Photoshop or Microsoft Excel will make you learn even more tips on the programs to help you in future jobs. This job will also help you develop management and communication skills.

Twitter brand ambassador – Being social media savvy will also be a beneficial skill to excel in. Most, if not all at this point, universities have a Twitter account plus departments and clubs have accounts that someone has to manage.

Photoshop expert – Having the skill and eye for editing photos will make this job perfect for you. Offer your expertise to the alumni magazine, student newspaper, and other on-campus publications to make a little cash. This kind of job is especially important if you pursuing a job in fashion, graphic design, and media.

Professor assistant – Professors are often in need of a little extra help with their personal projects and papers. Help a professor publish their material or work in the psychology lab. Work with a professor or department in your desired industry to get the most out of the experience.

University sport team worker – This job is a must for anyone interested in pursuing athletic management or sports medicine. Immediately visit the athletic director’s office to seek out a job as a trainer’s assistant or sports team manager. You get a free pass to all the sports events and may even get to travel with the team. If you are more interested in sports management, working the check-in desk at for events will look good on your resume.

School play worker – Build sets and furnish props for the school theater program. Take photos of your finished projects to include in your online portfolio.

Brand ambassador – Brands are often looking for representatives to work on campuses that can build awareness for their services and products. This job will give you social media and marketing skills as well as insight into how a company’s marketing strategy.


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Authored by: Amanda Griffin