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Simplify the Hiring Process

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hiring process

Summary: Communication with applicants goes a long way into make the hiring process better for both parties.

Hiring and retaining talent are some of the top challenges for businesses. Luckily social media, technology, and common courtesy can make the hiring process easier and clearer. Make the process more personal and intuitive by following these steps to understand what you are doing wrong.

Create job postings that accurately depict your company. Around 75 percent of job seekers quickly glance over a job posting and decide to apply or not in the 30 seconds they spend looking at the post. Keep your postings fresh to keep the look and feel positive.

Job seekers are turning to social media sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook to find job postings, but don’t stop there. Use Twitter, YouTube and even blogs to get your open positions out there. Make your online applications shorter. Aim for five minutes to complete. One complaint of job seekers is the lack of communication from companies after applying.

Another source of frustration from job seekers is the background check screening process with 38 percent indicating they were not informed of what to expect. Be courteous and inform any applicants of the background check process.

In order to improve for next time, invite applicants that were rejected and accepted to complete a survey. Feedback is the easiest way to know how to improve for future postings. Remember that negative experiences get vocalized more, affecting not only those applying but customer loyalty as well.


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Authored by: Amanda Griffin