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Attract the Best Applicants with a Better Approach

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Attract the best applicants by using this approach.

Summary: Get the best applicants interested in your job openings by changing the approach to your job descriptions and advertisements.

Employers miss out on the best applicants for their job openings by not writing the best job descriptions and advertisements to attract them to the position. In order to change this problem, employers need to adjust their overall approach to how they write the job description so that sourcing and hiring results improve.

Replace job descriptions with job achievement and career advancement descriptions – Do not think of job descriptions as that anymore. Job openings and the job advertisement that goes with it are your opportunity to sell your employer brand to the right audience. To the best applicants, you want to attract them by offering career advancement opportunities. The best candidates are making a change in employment because they are thinking about their future not just because they want a change.

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Use descriptive job titles instead of formal and boring titles – The subject heading is the most valuable place to describe your job. Most job advertisements use a formal job title as a default subject heading for the job descriptions. Most often these are not unique to the company, location, or specific position. Consider what your target applicants are thinking. Chances are they are searching for something more specific or in a specific location.

Sell more than just the job – The company, hiring manager, and department are important parts of the job that the applicants should be attracted to as well. The best candidates will be interested in the big picture of the job, not just the individual position.

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Advertise skills and potential not just experience – You are hiring a person not a resume so a resume may not properly tell the candidates full story. They are likely to make mistakes and leave out details just as you make mistakes by not properly advertising your job opening. Quite often the applicant you want to hire is the one with the most skills and potential not experience.

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Emphasize the benefits of the company not features – You are in the business of selling career advancement and opportunities. A feature may be free parking whereas a benefit may be access to cutting edge technology. The best talent will be more interested in the benefits not just the features of the company.

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Authored by: Amanda Griffin