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Make Hiring in 2016 Better

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hiring process

Summary: Fix common problems with the hiring process in the New Year. Learn how in this article.

Recruiting and hiring has changed significantly from ten years ago. The type of people applying for jobs has also changed dramatically. HR professionals face difficulty from the beginning of the hiring process to the final offer stage. Follow these tips to make hiring in 2016 easier.

Problem: The source of finding top candidates makes a difference in the quality of those candidates. Some of the complaints include the amount of time it takes to post jobs with 42 percent of employers saying it takes over an hour to post jobs everywhere they source candidates from.

Solution: Expand your search, targeting the sources that produce the best candidates.

Problem: Screening candidates saves time and money but 52 percent of hiring managers admit picking the best candidates from the pool of applicants is the most difficult part of the hiring process and 77 percent of hiring managers complain that the screening process that recruiters use is inadequate.

Solution: There are screening tools that can help make the process easier. Video interviews allow initial interviews to be re-watched, shared and collaborated over. Video interviews are preferred over phone interviews by candidates as well.

Problem: Interviews can make or break the entire experience from hiring managers and candidates. A negative interviewing experience can deter 83 percent of the candidates from taking a position with the company.

Solution: To prevent the experience from being negative, keep candidates in the loop by sending them a detailed itinerary, showing them the office, allowing them to meet other employees and giving feedback after the interview.

Problem: Making an offer that is good for the company but also attracts the top talented candidates is hard. Employees are looking for flexible hours but less than half of organizations offer it. Very few candidates will negotiate for a better offer and will either take the offer or turn it down and walk away.

Solution: Give candidates an offer of what they are worth and be open to negotiating.



Make Hiring in 2016 Better by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin