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How to Help New Employees Through the First 90 Days

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Summary: Help your new hires get through the first few months so that they enjoy the transition, feel invested in and will want to stay with the company.

A new job can be a stressful and overwhelming time for new hires. Help them move through this transition period of getting acquainted with a new position, colleagues, and job expectations so that they will want to stay with the company. Too often, new hires get lost in the company and lose their sense of importance to the company so they quit. Don’t let your company make the mistake of ignoring the new employees, forcing your company to be relentlessly hiring new employees.

Follow these steps to make the first 90 days a good experience for your new employees:

Pre-First Day:

Before the new employee starts the job, send them a new hire welcome note with the first-week orientation schedule and a list of any paperwork they need to bring with them on the first day like W-4, I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification Form and more.

Now work on getting their workstation setup with a good chair, computer, and some supplies at their desk so they don’t have to waste time trying to track down a pen and pad of paper.

First Day:

On their first scheduled day, inform the receptionist that the new employee is arriving. Have a tour set up for them when they arrive that is relevant to their job. Have the CEO prepare a welcome message that you can share by video at their desk or yours.

Provide them with the orientation packet, an employee handbook, and a staff directory. Include in the packet a gift box with product samples or a sheet with “tweetable” company facts. Introduce them to their manager and an assigned buddy. Have their manager take them to lunch the first day and then have a different person take them each day for the rest of the week. Assign their “buddy” to help them transition for the next few days at least.

Take a photo of the new employee and have them set up their account. Ask them to include their hobbies, nickname, etc.

Second Week:

Establish a timetable for setting career goals and reaching them. This may include making one-on-one meetings to continue introducing them to other staff members and departments. Plan an informal gathering at the end of the week so the team can get to know the new employee and vice versa.

After 15 Days:

Ask their manager to check-in on their progress. Encourage open dialogue between the manager and the employee. Identify if there are any problems or concerns and resolve them.

After 30 Days:

Have the new hire complete a survey to help you learn about how the onboarding process went. Help them get involved in short- and long-term projects so they can begin to gain a sense of accomplishment. Just don’t get them into something too big.

After 45 Days:

This is the point where a lot of new employees get lost. In fact, around 20 percent give up on their new job at this time. Take this time to assess their understanding of the role and if they are satisfied.

After 90 Days:

It can take up you three months for an employee to feel fully comfortable in their new surrounding. At the 90 day mark, they should be beginning to fully transition into their role with the company and what is expected of them in the position. Give them feedback on who they are doing and if there are any sources of concern. Direct their supervisors to help the individual if they need it. Be open and honest with them, asking if there is anything that may persuade them to leave.

Include the employee in any improvements to the process. Ask them how their introduction to the company went and if there are any areas of improvement. Seeing as how they just went the process, they have a fresh perspective on things that you may not even realize.


Remember that it is expensive to be constantly hiring new employees. It is better to invest in the ones you hire, which will result in greater job satisfaction, recommendations to other great candidates to work with your company, and more, all the while sending your company into an upward spiral to success.

Are there any steps you take to include new employees? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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Authored by: Amanda Griffin