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How to Further Your Career

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beat procrastination

Summary: We have to be ready for whatever our career throws our way by not letting procrastination stop us from taking chances that will help us move forward.

There is always one thing that holds us back from being successful in our careers. Most often we don’t even realize that it is the root of all problems and troubles in our job. Procrastination stops us from progressing in our current job and towards other jobs.

Sources of Procrastination

When we allow procrastination to stop us from taking steps forward, we may miss out on important opportunities. Asking for a promotion or applying for an advanced position are attainable goals that affect our future. Be prepared as much as possible before taking the jump forward.

Good Ways To Procrastinate And When Procrastination Might Be Good

In order to beat procrastination, follow these tips:

  • Trust your instincts. Many times procrastination is about putting off decisions so make the choice now to make those decisions to complete projects and stay on schedule.
  • Focus on the goal. Keeping your mind on the benefits of the task at hand as well as the big picture will make everything more bearable. Taking one task at a time will help you make it to the end goal in an easier manner.
  • Take a different route. Often we procrastinate because we aren’t ready to make a change or move on. We may be lacking information to make a decision or be ready for the outcome. Make the effort to work through the steps until you are ready for the result.

How to Stop Procrastinating


How to Further Your Career by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin