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How to Avoid Burnout Using Advice From the Busiest People

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Summary: Are you worried about suffering from burnout at work? If so, read the advice of some of the busiest people in the world and put it to good use.

Have you been told that you are on a crash course with burnout at the office? If so, you will need to find a way to avoid this issue as much as possible. This can be done by taking some advice from the busiest people in working world today.

Schedule Free Time

“Schedule free time on your calendar, just like you would schedule a meeting, and stick to it. It’s crucial to take the time you need for yourself, even if it’s just 30 minutes a day. You’ll get back to work feeling recharged and inspired, and chances are, you’ll accomplish a lot more than you would if you worked straight through the day.” —Evrim Oralkan, Travertine Mart

Know Breaking Point

“I think most entrepreneurs will tell you it’s impossible to unplug—so burnout is almost inevitable. However, it’s important to know when you’re close to or at a burnout stage. Something as simple as taking a day off, going for a bike ride, or having a fun night out with friends can help to take the edge off.” —Pablo Palatnik,

Completely Unplug on a Vacation

Vacations with loved ones will help entrepreneurs avoid burnout. It’s important to put on an out-of-office message, too, and not respond to emails. Another benefit of taking a vacation is you set a good example for hard-working employees.” —Jesse Pujji, Ampush

Fill the Day with Happiness and Joy

“Our business works to fill our people’s day with what they love. When work feels like a job, we redirect those tasks to someone who loves them. Not a great organizer? We have a team member who is. Hate numbers? We’ve got someone who loves them. We are fueled with so much joy that we have a term around the company called the ‘joy hangover.’ When work is such a blast, burnout doesn’t exist.” —Corey Blake, Round Table Companies

Change Environment

“Traveling is the best way to avoid burnout. Take your laptop and spend one to two months working from somewhere else, preferably internationally. With the internet and cloud tools like Dropbox and Skype, there’s very little that can’t be done from abroad. The change in environment sparks your creativity and allows you to bring new energy into your work.” —Leah Neaderthal, Start Somewhere


“When I feel so mentally burnt out from juggling multiple projects, there’s only one thing that can recharge my brain and my enthusiasm—working out. It’s a way to unplug and just focus on the task in front of me, whether I go for a long run or a four-hour bike ride around my city. When I’m done, I have a high so powerful that all of the stress from my day-to-day activities is gone.” —Andrew Vest, Preferling

Get a Hobby

“The best way to avoid burnout is to find a hobby you can deeply immerse yourself in for a few hours a week. I play ultimate frisbee, and when I’m on the field, I’m definitely not thinking about my company. Hobbies (such as basketball, ceramics, and climbing) can provide a therapeutic release, and you can come to work recharged and ready to go every day!” —Bhavin Parikh, Magoosh, Inc.


How to Avoid Burnout Using Advice From the Busiest People by
Authored by: Jim Vassallo