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Find a Way to Focus in Shared Work Spaces

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Summary: Try these six ways to find your focus while working in an open and distracting workplace.

As more and more offices, around 70 percent, move towards the open floor plans and shared work spaces, being able to keep your focus may be tough. There may be loud conversations between coworkers or on the phone that you have to tune out and don’t forget the bodily noises that are bound to come from someone sitting nearby. Try these six tips to refocus.

  1. Take deep breaths- Sometimes the interruptions from coworkers may came at the most inopportune times, setting your anger off. Take a few deep breaths to increase the oxygen to your brain, stimulating your nervous system and producing a sense of calm. Closing your eyes and clearing your mind is a necessary for this method to work.
  2. Right along with tip no.1 is meditation. There are apps and websites that help you through a timed meditation session with a narrating voice or nature sounds to refocus your thoughts back to work.
  3. If the interruptions come near a lunch time then take it early or take a break to get away from the area. Step away from your desk for a few minutes to get some fresh air.
  4. Headphones can be your best friend. Some people can work with music playing but even if you can’t, wearing headphones helps reduce the noises around you.
  5. If you continue to struggle with the noises of the open space, try booking the conference room when it isn’t being used to get work done.
  6. Focus on one task instead of several to stay focused and less stressed.


Find a Way to Focus in Shared Work Spaces by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin