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Decorating a Corporate Office with Minimal Expense

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corporate office decorating

Summary: Customizing your office space doesn’t have to be a challenging or expensive adventure. Select items that make you happy, even creating some pieces yourself.

You have probably seen tons of photos of perfectly decorated offices and wondered how you can achieve that yourself. The majority of us don’t have access to a personal decorator or unlimited funds to make the space look great. Here are a few tips to make your office look a little bit less like an office and more like your personal oasis.

Add plants – Whether you work in private office or in a cubicle, the addition of plants will help liven it up. Pick a plant that doesn’t require a lot of space of attention because remember, the plant will sit unattended all weekend. Having greenery in our office will also make us happier and healthier.

Surround yourself with photos that inspire happiness – Decorate your office space with photos that remind you of happy moments with loved ones.

Use a small bowl to keep seasonal fruit in – Not only do fruit look nice, they are healthy to eat. If you have an apple sitting right next to you when you get hungry, you will be more likely to grab that to eat then wander all the way to the vending machine.

Decorate with art you enjoy – You can buy art or paint your own canvas prints to hang on your wall in the colors that you like. The art doesn’t have to be expensive, one-of-a-kind types but do hang something other than cheap paper movie posters.

Utilize desk drawers – There are just some items that will never look nice. Hide all nonessential or items that can’t be made to look neat in the drawers so that you don’t have to look at it all the time.

Organize papers – Keep all your papers filed and organized neatly in stylish folders. This will make important papers easier to find but it will look professional as well. You don’t want potential clients coming in to your office and finding papers lying everywhere.

Make your desktop personal – This one is probably the easiest one. Customize your computer desktop with a photo or picture that reminds you why you work every day.


Decorating a Corporate Office with Minimal Expense by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin