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Four Things to Do During Your Lunch Break

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lunch break

Summary: Your lunch break can be a convenient time to run errands or keep working away, but it is more beneficial to you to take that needed break to eat and socialize.

Everyone needs to take a few minutes during the work day to step away from the computer. Lunch breaks provide you the opportunity to socialize, exercise and get some much needed rest.

Exercise! Lunchtime can be one of the least productive times during the day. You don’t have to head to the gym in order to be active. Just taking a 20 minute walk outside or doing some stretches at your desk will leave you feeling rejuvenated. Find a colleague or two that will join you on your walk and you can turn your walk into a social break or a walking meeting.

Eat with others. Don’t spend your lunch eating at your desk alone. Use the time to socialize with your co-workers, strengthening your relationships and career. You will gain useful information on the role co-workers play at the office. You could also use this time to eat lunch with someone considered your rival.

Take a nap. I’m sure most of us aren’t getting enough sleep at night. You can use your lunch break to slip in a cat nap that can help you wake up for the rest of the day. Take that short nap at your desk, break room or in your car.

Eat! The worst thing you could do is to skip eating completely. You need to eat a healthy meal with sustenance to make it through the rest of the day without being crabby. Make your lunch at home or buy a wrap if you need to eat on the go. When you have the time to sit down, eat a meal that is something other than that a candy bar or fast food meal. You need fruits, veggies and protein to stay healthy and remain a successful part of your company’s workforce.


Four Things to Do During Your Lunch Break by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin