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7 Things Successful Employees Do Before Noon

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Summary: Some of the most successful employees take the extra effort to shine before noon each day. Follow these tips to be one of them.

Have you ever noticed what the superstar employees at your office do each day before noon? These employees are the ones that generally experience more success because they take advantage of each day, advance their careers, impress their boss, and widen their network. Follow the example of these seven star employees to be one yourself.

1. Communicate: Check in with your boss on how things are going, the good and bad. Include highlights that relate to the monthly goal that you can quickly communicate verbally to your boss beyond your email of stats.

2. Connect: Plan opportunities to connect with those in your office and community. Potlucks are a good example. Set themes for the parties and have them on a regular basis.

3. Focus: Meditation is an important part of being able to focus on work. Take five minutes first thing in the morning to think about what you want to accomplish. Hopefully this meditation gives you a positive outlook that shows in your personality as well.

4. Read: Take time to update yourself on the current happenings in the world beyond your Facebook Newsfeed of celebrity dramas. Knowing what is trending in your industry is especially important so that you can offer up discussions with your boss and coworkers.

5. Update: Keep your social networking profiles updated. Share articles that are interesting or relate to people or things at work.

6. Move: Get moving often. One suggestion is to stand up and move around at the 50-minute mark of each hour. This only needs to be a simple stand and work or walk to the drinking fountain and back. You can also try doing a few high intensity movements such as squats or lunges to really get your blood moving. Others will take notice of you doing this and may even follow your example.

7. Appreciation: Take the time to thank those in your network. Make a goal to write one thank you note each day to a coworker or client. In a society where we often feel under-appreciated or overlooked, receiving this simple note will go a long way to show that you notice the hard work that others are putting in.


7 Things Successful Employees Do Before Noon by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin