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Join Atlassian for an International Job

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Summary: A company that has been ranked as the best to work at in multiple countries and gives you the opportunity to live abroad is worth looking into.

International companies may be the perfect fit for you if you are waiting for the opportunity to live in another country. Atlassian develops software that helps every members of a team stay on track and on top of their game. The products are geared toward software developers and project managers.

Their first product, JIRA, helps track issues in a project so that it is valuable to every member and every level of a team. JIRA lets a team plan, track, and release their software so that communication is visible on all levels. Companies have the option to create their own workflow or use one the company has designed.

Altassian was awarded the No. 1 Best Place to Work in Australia for a second time. They were also voted No. Best Place to Work in Asia for small and medium size companies a second year and No. 2 in the U.S. for medium size companies.

They currently have offices in Amsterdam, San Francisco, Sydney, Manila, and Austin. They have partnerships with companies in Gdansk, Kuala Lumpur, and Porto Alegre. They are currently hiring in business, design, engineering, marketing, product, support, and student areas.

Some of the examples of jobs they are looking to fill include channel program manager, solutions lab engineer, senior designer, data engineer, security engineer, developer advocate, IT service desk, social media manager, head of online marketing, support engineer, and interns. For some positions they are hiring one for more than one location so if you want to stay in San Francisco instead of moving to Sydney then you can apply to that position. They even have a program called “Move Happy” which pays to relocate employees, taking care of travel, visas, housing, etc.


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Authored by: Amanda Griffin