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Skateistan, Not a Typical Volunteering Opportunity

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Summary: Skateboarding has become a sensation in Afghanistan as a way to connect with at risk students. This project has now grown to other countries, but volunteers are needed to keep it going.

Join Skateistan, a non-governmental organization based out of Afghanistan, to use skateboarding as a way of promoting education and leadership in youth. They started with two skateboarding facilities in Afghanistan, one in Kabul and another is Mazar-e-sharif, but have since expanded to other countries.

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The organization not only teaches kids to ride skateboards like experts but also offers educational programs on things like nutrition and mapping. They need volunteers to help teach kids to skateboard and that can do legal, administrative, and design work.

Skateistan has expanded to Cambodia, South Africa, and offices around the world. There are currently 250 volunteers in 13 countries helping the programs run. The volunteers are part of associations and nonprofit organizations that help with fundraising efforts and promotion.

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The program seeks to especially help children from low-income families and girls since girls are not able to ride bikes in Afghanistan, but can ride a skateboard. They work with children ages 5 to 18. Currently around 50 percent of their students are streetworking children and 40 percent are girls. The program was founded by Australian skateboarder Oliver Percovich.

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Skateboarding serves as the hook to bring the students in to where they can be educated in many different categories. While volunteers are needed at the three main locations, you can still volunteer from your home by donating, fundraising, promoting, and providing additional support.


Skateistan, Not a Typical Volunteering Opportunity by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin