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The Worst Advice You Could Be Given

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bad advice

Summary: Everyone receives career advice from others with good intentions, but some of that advice is just really bad.

We all receive advice for our careers from others trying to be helpful. Sometimes the advice is very helpful while other times it can actually ruin opportunities and our career. Here is a list of some of the worst advice given.

– “Hard work alone equals success.”

While hard work helps us be successful, it does not guarantee success. There are kinds of factors that affect our success at work, such as luck, circumstances, personality, skills, etc.

– “Go to a small town and pay your dues.”

Some career paths require starting in a bigger city. There is no reason to think working in a small town will benefit your career in any way.

– “Date the boss’s daughter.”

Nothing good comes from dating the boss’s daughter. Either things end badly and you are out of a job or things good really good and then everyone else at work thinks you are getting special treatment.

– “Flirt with clients to get the sale.”

Have a little respect for yourself and your abilities that you can be a good employee without having to play the field to get people to like you.

– “Don’t highlight your special skills in your cover letter.”

Whenever you have skills or accomplishments that may set you apart from others, include it on your resume and in your cover letter.

– “That is a just a hobby. You can’t make a living with it.”

There is always a chance of making a perfectly stable living doing something that you love. Your hobby may be scuba diving, so starting your own business taking others scuba diving is something that you will be passionate about and care about.

“Take the first job offered to you.”

Whether fresh out of college or entering the job market again, taking the first job is not always a good choice. Make sure the job is a good fit for you and that you actually want it, otherwise you’ll be on the look for another job in a few short years.

– “You won’t be good at it because you get too nervous about your work.”

Being nervous about your work is not necessarily a bad thing. It shows that you care about producing quality work.

– “Never leave a job until you have been there at least one year.”

You never know when a better opportunity for your career might come along. And it is not worth your happiness or health to stay at a job you absolutely loathe.

– “Your career choice is too risky, difficult, and impossible.”

Sometimes you must take some risks to make your career path possible, such as quitting your job to go back to school. Many would advise against giving up a steady job, but pursuing a career you are passionate about is important for future happiness.

When it comes to advice, it needs to be taken as such. You know yourself and your capabilities better than anyone else, so you need to be the one that makes the ultimate decision. Weigh risks with possible outcomes to decide what is right for your career.

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Authored by: Amanda Griffin