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Set Necessary Boundaries with Your Boss

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Summary: Have a boss that constantly needs attention, even after you have left the office? This needs to be addressed before it becomes a big issue that leaves you hating your job.

A good boss is involved with their employees. They know what is going on in the lives of their employees and what their employees need to strengthen their careers. However, some bosses may take this connection with their employees too far. Some may feel that they can call their employees at any time of day on any day even though that is not part of the job description.

Often employees dedicate themselves to their jobs beyond what is asked of them, but there still need to be boundaries set to keep an appropriate work and personal life balance. Some people enjoy answering emails at night before going to bed while others are productive first thing in the morning. These are perfectly acceptable habits for some, but check first before assuming everyone else has the same habits.

Communicate with your boss what their expectations are as well as what yours are. You may have an inexperienced boss or one that is just overbearing. If they are inexperienced, then opening up the level communication will help them understand how to improve. Without communicating with your boss, there will be no understanding to make future issues go smoother.

You never know, you may find out that it is an expectation to be available at all times, so rethinking your career choice may be important if you really hate being bothered with phone calls or emails at all times.


Set Necessary Boundaries with Your Boss by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin