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Write a Cover Letter for Your Resume

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Summary: Make your resume come to life with a cover letter that is appropriate for your profession.

The cover letter is the first page of your resume, not an addition to it. The cover letter’s purpose is to make a statement about yourself and qualifications for the intended job with more of a personal touch that the resume can’t provide.

When it comes to a cover letter, less is more. Keep it well under one page in length. Don’t just repeat your resume – this is your chance to add personality and interest. With this personality comes the opportunity to use language that is not generic and empty but instead matches the industry you are applying to.

At the top of the letter, provide your name and contact information so that it is clear to the reviewer. Address the cover letter to the name of the person who will be reviewing it. If you don’t know who the person is, call the company and find out.

The first paragraph of a cover letter should immediately address the job that you are applying for, where you found the job listing. This is where you can name drop if you were referred by someone about the job. Also state in this paragraph the date that you are available to start work.

The second paragraph should be longer in length as it describes why are attracted to the job and the company. Show off your research of the company by explaining what about it you find impressive.

The third paragraph is where you summarize your strengths and why you would be a valuable addition to the company. Relate your skills to the job requirements listed, being sure to use the keywords in your cover letter.

The last paragraph is just as important as the first three. Thank the person reviewing your cover letter and resume for their time and consideration. Put the offer out there to provide any additional information they want.

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Authored by: Amanda Griffin