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Tips to Make Your Resume Look and Sound Good

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Summary: A resume must look good and not just sound good to get noticed by hiring managers and recruiters.

Wondering how to make your resume stand out from the rest? Recruiters and hiring managers spend around six seconds glancing at a resume so you have to make sure what you have on your resume is worth looking at quickly. Having the right stuff on your resume may put your resume on top of the pile while having the wrong stuff will put your resume at the bottom.

What you provide on your resume is just as important as how your resume looks. Here are some tips to help you put together a stellar resume.

  • Skip the objective statement
  • Stick to a font size between 9 and 12
  • Use traditional fonts like Times New Roman, Arial, Helvetica, or Calibri
  • List jobs as bullet points
  • List most recent job first then list your accomplishments at those jobs
  • Keep it impersonal – avoid using personal information like marital status or number of children
  • Start off with your name, current title and company, current position start and end dates, previous title and company, previous position start and end dates, and education accomplishments
  • Use tailored keywords and use them more than once
  • Do not overuse bullet points, 6-7 points per section maximum.
  • Keep each page at 400 words
  • Do not use an unprofessional email address
  • Color can be used on your resume, keeping it black and white is not a rule anymore
  • Avoid filler words
  • List other accomplishments other than a GPA over 3.5
  • Avoid photography except for a professional photo if appropriate

Do you struggle with writing your resume? Tell us what part is hardest for you in the comments below.

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Authored by: Amanda Griffin