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Massive Open Online Courses Are Available for All to Gain New Skills

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Massive Open Online Courses

Summary: There are an abundant number of free online classes to help you learn new skills and gain knowledge to make you stand out at work.

Continuing education is an important aspect of any career. There are constantly new developments in technology that change the way an industry works. Taking Massive Open Online Classes (MOOC) will help you be a more competitive applicant and employee, plus it can be fun to acquire new skills just for the sake of learning. These courses are also a way to network with the other students and the instructors from around the world.

The top recruiters are looking for strong skills in leadership, teamwork, problem solving, work ethic, good communication in both written and verbal forms, and technical knowledge. Some of these skills can be acquired from taking online classes through the top universities for free, while others can be taken from popular websites like Udemy and Coursera.

Courses in coding, Java, programming, Google Analytics, Photoshop, social media management, and marketing are skills that would set you apart from the average candidate. You might find that you have the above expertise, but lack the skills to function properly in a workplace. Classes on public speaking, writing, negotiation, and communication are also offered to help those become more confident in the workplace.

Another skill that may be harder to learn, but can greatly affect your job prospects is learning another language. This will be especially important if you plan on pursuing a career that works closely with other countries. Taking the initiative to be able to communicate on your own without the need for a translator will impress employers and clients.

Once you have completed a course you can add it to your resume and LinkedIn profile. While not all employers will hold your new credentials from other sources as equal to ones completed at Duke and Harvard, you can provide examples of completed projects as attachments to your resume and LinkedIn profile to demonstrate the quality of the education you received.

Remember to show potential employers your new skills, and not just tell them what they are.


Have you ever taken a MOOC? If so, please tell us in the comments below this article. If not, why not get started on expanding your skills and knowledge today?



Massive Open Online Courses Are Available for All to Gain New Skills by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin