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11 Surprising Jobs That Pay Over $100K

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11 jobs that pay more than $100K

Summary: There are many jobs out there that make significant incomes that you may not have been aware of.

Earning a six figure income is pretty much everyone’s goal and dream but not everyone can or even wants to do the typical careers associated with that kind of paycheck. We all know careers like doctors and lawyers make over a $100,000 a year but there are probably some jobs out there that you didn’t realize get compensated quite so nicely. Keep in mind that some of these jobs rely on other forms of compensation like bonuses and commission. Our hope is that this list may give you some inspiration as to what direction to take your future in. Here are just 11 jobs that earn over $100,000 on average in no particular order.

  1. Special Agent – The average base salary is $121,000. In order to get into this field, you will need to start at the law enforcement level or military and work your way up. You will need an undergraduate degree in criminal justice as well. Expect unusual work hours and on-call hours.
  2. Airline Pilot – The average base salary is $120,000. You must be certified with the Airline Transport Pilot License. The best positions will require a bachelor’s degree in physics, aviation, or something related or to have military experience. You not only need to know how to fly the plane but also how to manage a crew. They also have unusual hours.
  3. Regional Sales Executive – With commission and other bonuses, the average pay is around $103,500. To excel in this field, you will have to know the company’s product and have a talent for communication. College degrees are not always a requirement.
  4. Nurse Practitioner – The average base salary is $100,000. Education requirements have been changing but you must at least start with a master’s degree in nursing. Each state will have other requirements after that. Once you become a nurse practitioner, you will be able to perform physical exams, treat common illnesses and injuries, and prescribe some medications. You can also have your own private practice.
  5. Reservoir Engineer – The average starting pay is $125,000 but the average salary is $143,000. They must have a degree in chemical engineering and experience in a field that is highly nuanced and technical.
  6. Dentist – The average starting salary is also $125,000. Complete a four-year degree in a scientific field, take the Dental Acceptance Test, and complete a doctoral degree in dental medicine or dental surgery to get yourself into this career. You can then specialize to earn even more money.
  7. Equity Research Associate – The average pay is $100,000 to report on financial trends using financial models and other analytical techniques. You get to enjoy the rewards of investment banking without the demanding workload. You must have an undergraduate degree in finance, economics, or something similar.
  8. Geophysicist – The average starting pay is $109,864. With this job you will study the earth using seismic, gravity, electrical and magnetic methods. Some study how the earth is changing while others find valuable minerals. You must have at minimum a bachelor’s degree in geology.
  9. Physician Assistant – The average starting pay is $100,000. A career as a PA is similar to a NP but without the nursing experience part. They do not have a medical doctorate so they cannot have their own private practice but they also earn their education in a lot less time than medical doctors.
  10. Drilling Engineer – The average starting pay is $106,680. Obtain a bachelor’s degree in petroleum or mechanical engineering. After that you will be expected to ensure that all plans and practices related to oil, water, or gas drilling is safe and strategic.
  11. Software Architect – The average starting pay is $130,000. A bachelor’s degree in software engineering, math, or another related field leads to a bright future building software to help businesses run smoothly. Expect to work long hours.
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Authored by: Amanda Griffin