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Benefits to Taking on a Side-Hustle

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Summary: An extra job can produce more experiences and skills that you can bring back to help you at work to become a more talented and valuable employee.

The misconception that having a second job or side hustle affects your primary job is incorrect. While some take another job out of necessity, others take a second job to learn new skills and gain more experiences. When an employee with more than one job does become distracted it can be a bad thing but don’t assume that all people are unable to prioritize and remain focused. There are a number of benefits to having a second job.

You can learn new skills that you don’t get enough experience with at your current job. This could be freelance writing, editing, graphic design, coding, designing websites, etc. These skills may be necessary for you to learn in order to earn a promotion or more advanced position.

You can expand your network. This extra job can put you in contact with more people in a specific field that you need to make your current position more successful. You will learn about new career paths and insights that can help you with yours.

You can strengthen your personal brand. Having a strong personal brand is what will keep your career moving forward. Building a specific skill set that is valuable at work helps you be indispensable.

You become more confident. Finding another job whether with another company or as a freelancer takes courage to get out there and build your job. You are meeting new people and learning new things, both of which can be scary but you have taken the step.

You become happier. When you are putting forth the effort to take on another job, you are passionate about it and enjoy the extra challenge. You may be staying up late at night to finish a project or working weekends but it is worth it in order to learn something you are excited about. This happiness will reflect back to your primary job because you will be excited to be bringing some new to the table.


Benefits to Taking on a Side-Hustle by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin