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5 Steps to Start Your Job Search in One Weekend

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Summary: It only takes one weekend to take five simple steps such as refreshing your resume and getting the word to your network that you are looking for something new.

Going through the long exhausting process of finding a new job can feel like a never-ending cycle of searching and applying but nothing coming of it is nothing to be excited about. You know the time to find a new job has come but the idea of updating your resume, LinkedIn profile, and getting onto job search boards keeps you going to your job even though it has come to a standstill. There is an easier way and we are here to tell you it can be done in just one weekend.

Step 1: Schedule a coffee or drink date with three people whose career advice you trust. The first part of finding a new job is announcing that you are. Ask them how they would describe you and use that to adjust your resume and LinkedIn summary or make changes accordingly so that you can be perceived differently. They may see strengths in you that you didn’t realize.

Step 2: Stop complaining and just start pitching yourself to potential jobs. You may tend towards venting about your current situation but this may cause you to miss opportunities when you could be explaining your skills and desires in a new job. When someone asks you about your job, instead of starting off into a string of complaints, deliver your elevator pitch and explain to them that if they know of any jobs that match your requirements to let you know. You never know who people may know so take advantage of every opportunity.

Step 3: Update your professional resume but don’t let it take too long. Set a timer for one hour and get started with these steps. Create a list of your tasks at work in ten minutes. Pick 4 to 6 of the tasks that are most resume-worthy. Make your tasks bullet points on your resume with specific examples of numbers that demonstrate your abilities and accomplishments to make them stand out. Proofread your resume several times. Give it to someone else to proofread as well. Now adjust the formatting on your resume so it looks crisp and clear.

Step 4: Use your professional network to get the word out there. Send emails to your people in your network that may be able to help you move to the next step of the job search. Include in your email what you are currently doing, what you are looking for, a copy of your updated resume, and an ask at the end of the email to connect you with anyone they think may be helpful for you.

Step 5: Start searching. You can’t rely on your network to be the only source of information for a new job so get to work finding one on your own. LinkedIn has a job search app you can use so that you don’t miss out on job postings. When you find a job that is something that is a good fit or what you want to do but don’t meet all the requirements, still apply. Finding the right job still may take months but at least you got the ball rolling in just one weekend.

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5 Steps to Start Your Job Search in One Weekend by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin