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Be Interview Ready in 30 Minutes

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30 minutes

Summary: You can easily prepare yourself in under thirty minutes to take on a job interview  and still present yourself as a strong candidate for the job.

You have thirty minutes to get ready and be able to impress someone during an interview. Go!

While we fully assume that you should have days to prepare for an interview, something may come up so that the company reschedules or moves up the interview, leaving you with very little time to get prepared. Use these tips to help you know how to most efficiently prepare for an interview so that you get the job.

No matter what kind of interview it is – phone, in-person, or video – you need to brush up on your skills. Skim through your resume so that you clearly remember what you have down. Being able to highlight specific details on your resume will make it appear like you have had days to prepare.

Now read the job description for the job you are interviewing for, paying particular attention to the experience and skills required for the job. This should only take about 5 minutes, but will demonstrate your ability to do the job.

You did apply for the job, so the hope is that you looked into the company a little and have some idea of what they do. Dive a little deeper to better understand who their customers are, the competitors, and what kind of service the company provides.

If you are really on top of things, you will already have an idea of some questions to ask the hiring manager during the interview. You want to have 3 or 4 questions about the product, job, company, or even interviewer ready when you walk into the interview. Make the questions be about something you are genuinely interested in so you can learn more about the job and if it is something you actually want to take.

Thirty minutes is not a lot of time to prepare, but even doing a couple little things will make you better prepared. There is nothing worse than walking into an interview completely unprepared. The hiring manager will notice this and will not be very likely to hire you.

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Authored by: Amanda Griffin