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Making a Move from Public Relations to Finance? Follow This Advice

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Summary: Find out what you should do if you want to make the transition from public relations to finance.


Question: I work in public relations after graduating from college last year with honors and all the right internships and experience. My problem is that I hate PR. My only other real interest is finance, and I’d love to work for a mutual fund or 401k plan. I’ve been sending out resumes, but recruiters, human resources professionals and networking contacts all tell me they’re only interested in someone with a business/finance degree. Others suggest I work in investor relations to get my foot in the door. Should I try to find a job as a stockbroker or other equities salesman to gain experience, or should I earn an MBA in finance?

Answer: Either of the options you cite should help you make the transition. Even top-flight brokerage firms are eagerly hiring and training new recruits, and they offer a great environment for learning about the industry. To land a more senior-level finance job, an MBA is required these days, but be sure to target only well-respected programs. Frankly, your most interesting choice would be investor relations. It would allow you to parlay your PR skills into the securities world without significant retraining. Demand is good among publicly held companies for IR specialists, and salaries are strong.

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