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Out of the Military and into the Civilian Job Market: Where Do I Start?

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Summary: Follow this advice if you are considering a transition from the military to the civilian world.


Question: After more than 20 years in the military, I need to start again as a civilian. I have a computer background with a B.S. in computer science and an M.S. in information technology management. My practical experience is in aviation (tactical flying), personnel, and project management. My interests are in project/program management with travel opportunities. Headhunters who have contacted me all seem to be pushing LAN management positions. I’ll try any career for the right money, yet job satisfaction also is important. What do you suggest?

Answer: In the IT world, you can find a project-management job that requires lots of travel fairly easily (that sounds like most consulting-industry positions, and those firms are hiring almost every MIS person who’s breathing). You have a diverse background, but do you know what you really enjoy doing best? I recommend some in-depth self-assessment to determine the type of job that would make you happy, as well as pay the bills. Visit the transition-assistance center on your base for free expert help. Then spend time talking to other former vets — especially those with IT backgrounds — who’ve made the transition to the civilian world. Ask about the directions they’ve taken and why, plus the barriers and discrimination they’ve faced. Those discussions will help you focus your efforts on the most fruitful career direction.

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