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How Do You Scale a Career Peak? With a Strong Start

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Summary: Follow this advice about how you can land a job in the telecommunications technology field if you only have irrelevant work experience.


Question: I am a student at a technical college. I have experience in a variety of jobs, but it’s difficult starting a career related to my program, telecommunications technology. What can I do to get my foot in the door?

Answer: That first step into a new career is the longest. Like a mountain climber outfitted to cross the crevices, you’ll need tools and techniques to assist your passage. Specifically, the economic downturn left a particularly rocky path in the telecommunications industry.

Before moving forward on the journey, talk to the people most likely to be in the know: your teachers, the career-services office at school, previous graduates of the program and employees at local telecommunications companies. Push through shyness and procrastination, as reaching out to potential contacts is a critical part of the preparation.

Next, identify the mountains to climb, such as specific telecommunications-related companies and other employers that might have an interest in someone with your background. Use chamber-of-commerce directories and

Once you have identified your targets, make sure you are outfitted for the ascent. Equipped with an updated resume and polished interviewing skills, you will be ready to confidently express the value you will bring to your next employer. Send a cover letter or make an initial call to the employers on your list, using a referral whenever possible. Show up in person at the small companies and ask to meet with the relevant division head or president. (Your research should uncover these names ahead of time.) In these conversations, share the three most important assets you have to offer, demonstrate your knowledge of the company and enthusiastically express your interest in working as part of its team.

This may sound like a lot of work, but the extra effort will pay off when you reach the summit with an offer in hand.

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How Do You Scale a Career Peak? With a Strong Start by
Authored by: Andrew Ostler

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