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16 Steps to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Strong

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Summary: Check these 16 points off to make your LinkedIn profile stand out to be more than just a bare minimum profile that gets looked over.

LinkedIn is gaining momentum with more and more professionals turning to the site to grow their network, make connections, and enhance their career. There are so many things you can gain from LinkedIn that many people are not using it to its full potential. Do more with your profile to be more interconnected with the professional world. To ensure your LinkedIn profile is strong, use this list to check off all the points:


– Have over 100 connections.

– Have a professional photo.

– Have a unique LinkedIn Profile URL setup and a keyword strategy.


– Create a headline that is benefit-oriented to grab attention.


– An overview that includes your talents, skills, and how you add value to a company.

– Previous quantified results (think numbers) from past companies.

– Information on how to reach you and 1 piece of media in the summary.


– Include 2 pieces of media like images, presentations, relevant videos, or articles quoting you.

– Good examples of experience provide results, numbers and accomplishments.

Social Proof

– Provide at least 3 recommendations.

– Be endorsed at least 15 times.


– Be a member of at least 25 groups.

– Post relevant articles and tips at least once a week.

– Follow at least 5 companies you are most interested in.

– Message one person you know and one you don’t each week on LinkedIn.

– Introduce two new people in your network once a month.

– Comment on a post in at least one group once a week.

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16 Steps to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Strong by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin