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What to Do When That First Position Isn’t What You Expected

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Summary: Learn how to find a job that is both marketable and fulfilling in this article.


Question: I am a 2015 graduate in finance from Ohio University. I have been working as a mortgage broker for a small firm. The position is unrewarding—all sales, no finance, and little chance of advancement. I have used a variety of job-search approaches for four months with no luck, other than for sales positions, which I am not interested in. Education seems like the only solution, and I am studying for the LSAT for admission next year. In the meantime, I need a position, even with less pay, that I enjoy and that will provide marketable skills. Any advice?

Answer: The crucial mix you are seeking is the ultimate combination of marketability with personal fulfillment. To isolate potential points of intersection, ask a series of questions designed to uncover or create fitting opportunities.

  • What type of work environments would you like to locate yourself in for the interim? (Examples: small-business enterprises, museums, financial institutions, nonprofit agencies, or bookstores.)
  • Who are the people or populations you would like to work with or serve? (Examples: business professionals, adults, disadvantaged students, or health-care workers.)
  • What are the causes you would like to represent? (Examples: ethical business practices, a political campaign, the environment, social justice.)
  • What are the products or services you would like to offer? (Examples of services: financial-planning services, mediation/conflict resolution; examples of products: sporting goods, software products, educational resources.)
  • What are the talents and skills you would like to contribute to your work? (Examples: financial skills, motivating employees, selling, researching, coaching.)
  • What are the flourishing businesses and occupations in your area? (Examples: customer service, managerial/supervisory, computer repair, tourism.)

Use the insights you gain from this exercise and the resulting experience to question or confirm your decision to move into a career in law.

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Authored by: Andrew Ostler

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