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Focus Your Interests before Interviewing

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Summary: Do you have an inconsistent academic record? Learn how you can market yourself in a job interview in this article.

Focus your interests before interviewing.

Question: I’m a 27-year-old undergraduate who has been in school for the past seven years because of medical reasons, switching majors, and a break I took to earn money. I’m pursuing a degree in finance, marketing, and international business with a minor in e-commerce. Because of my interest in information technology and new media, I plan to earn certifications before I graduate next year. How should I address employers’ concerns about my inconsistent academic record and lack of experience in my desired fields?

Answer: While your major, minor, and certification areas all are in marketable fields, it sounds as if you may be floundering somewhat yourself. You can’t afford at this point to come across as scattered and indecisive. The best way to address an inconsistent academic record and changes in major is to become very focused and to confidently convey a strong sense of purpose in your job search.

If you are uncertain about your career decision, review the career choice articles on the Blog, and meet with a career counselor, free of charge, at your college. Once you have clarity of purpose, you can demonstrate discipline in your job search by identifying and proactively approaching employers of interest with a polished presentation of your specific goals and the assets you will bring to the organization.

Practice handling objections related to your extended undergraduate term. Finally, and of great importance, complete an internship, co-op placement, or volunteer assignment to fill in the experience gap before you graduate.

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