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Do Employers Overlook Grads from Small Schools?

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Summary: Learn how to land a good job even when you are coming from a small college.


Question: I am a student with great experience and a high grade-point average. I have honors and recommendations yet I feel that because I go to a smaller school no one will look at me. How do I get by this? Am I paranoid or rightfully concerned?

Answer: Advantages are a fact of life. They come wrapped in a variety of packages such as wealth, good looks, established family connections and, yes, a big Ivy League school. Take heart, for the world is also full of people who have overcome their handicaps (real and perceived) to excel in their field.

You’re right that the red carpet is rolled out for grads of larger well-known schools, so you may have to work extra hard to get your foot in the door. Be creative and persistent in your approach. Internships, work experience, and leadership skills are of particular interest to employers. It sounds like these could be real advantages for someone in your situation. Once in the door, it will be your performance that determines your career progression. With your track record of experience, high GPA, honors, and strong recommendations you will more than hold your own in a competitive situation.

Your accomplishments and the benefits that smaller schools are noted for (personalized instruction, in-depth opportunities, and leadership experience) need no apologies. Network like crazy, draw upon the career and alumni resources of your college and hold your head high as you approach potential employers.

Do Employers Overlook Grads from Small Schools? by
Authored by: Andrew Ostler

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