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What Is the Value of a College Degree?

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Summary: Learn about the importance of undergraduate degrees in the information-technology field in this article.


Question: Do you really need an undergraduate or graduate degree today to move upward in the information-technology field, even if these credentials aren’t a priority at your company?

Answer: For your immediate promotion prospects, you may be just fine excelling based on your experience and accomplishments. Small high-tech firms, in particular, have been willing to base hiring and promotion decisions on employer need and employee merit, with less regard for academic credentials.

But eroding economic conditions illustrate the elusive nature of job security, even for experienced IT professionals. In this type of environment, a relevant degree paired with your experience would place you in a select pool of candidates as you explore options over the course of your career.

Make the opportunity for continuous learning and a relevant academic degree a career priority. This requires a personal commitment from you, but also think creatively about involving your employer in your development, as well. Point out the benefits to the organization of your growing knowledge base, and, as you progress with your current employer, negotiate for tuition assistance along with salary increases.

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What Is the Value of a College Degree? by
Authored by: Andrew Ostler

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