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Should You Make a Move Now or Pursue an MBA First?

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Summary: Learn how earning an MBA can help you transition from the old economy to the new one.


Question: I’m a mid-career middle manager in my early forties with experience in the “old manufacturing economy” seeking to make a career change to the new economy. I’m considering a full-time MBA from a top-10 business school to help reposition myself. Will the MBA add value to my credentials in the eyes of the new-economy companies? Am I better off getting my foot in the door now in the new-economy companies in lieu of pursuing a two-year MBA?

Answer: Over the long run, the MBA should prove to be a sound investment and open doors to a variety of opportunities, particularly in light of your experience. With the current demand for experienced managers in new-economy companies, however, now may be the time to make your move to a choice employer.

Before packing your bags for business school, test the waters with a target list of about 20 companies. If the water is only lukewarm, find out what else they like to see in candidates. Don’t hesitate to ask specifically for their recommendations on graduate programs and even courses to take. Find out if an internship would lead to a job upon graduation.

If you end up with an offer, be sure to negotiate with the employer about covering all or part of your MBA tuition costs. Working full time may limit your options, but this would allow you the luxury of having the best of both worlds—a job in the new economy and progress toward your MBA.

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