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Tap Marketable Skills When Switching Paths

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Summary: This article discusses the importance of leveraging one’s skills during the job search process.


Question: I am a 25-year-old college grad with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. I am currently working as an assistant manager for a retail store.

I am looking for a position outside of retail, but other than insurance or real estate, the executive jobs I want require at least 10 years of experience. What should I be looking for?

Answer: Leverage your most marketable skills to segue into another industry, if you aren’t interested in moving up the ladder in retail. As an assistant manager in retail, sales and supervision are your most likely tickets to advancement in your current business or to enter into other areas. Especially if you have benefited from a strong training program and wish to continue developing, your skills and experience in sales and supervision will readily transfer to a variety of business settings. Be sure to highlight these strengths on your resume, and focus on your drive and motivation in interviews.

When changing industries, an entry-level position often is the first step. Choose your next industry and employer carefully. Look for a company and a manager with a commitment to developing employees. Get yourself on the fast track as a “high potential employee” in a management-trainee program or something comparable. The journey may take longer than you expected, but there is a path to the executive suite.

Tap Marketable Skills When Switching Paths by
Authored by: Andrew Ostler

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