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Plan Ahead to Search for a Job Out-of-State

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Summary: Learn how to move beyond an online job search when looking for jobs out of state.


Question: My college’s career center is a wonderful resource for in-state opportunities, but I’d like to move to New York City. I’ve tried online job search websites, but my search has been overwhelming and unsuccessful. What is the best way to find out-of-state employment opportunities?

Answer: Your best bet is to hook up with anyone you know who lives in New York. If you don’t have family or friends there, tap your college alumni association for potential contacts. Even if you don’t know them personally, most fellow alums should be more than happy to share insights about the area. Navigating the job-market maze in the Big Apple will be much easier if people living there can offer their eyes and ears to your job search.

Join a professional association related to your field that has chapters both near your present home and in New York. This network can prove extremely helpful. Develop a target list of potential employers that fit the profile you’re seeking. Then check out their websites for employment opportunities and contact information. Work on polishing your presentation to strongly articulate your strengths as a candidate.

Make it clear that you definitely are moving to New York, as employers sometimes are reluctant to hire recent college graduates from out of state. If at all possible, a well-planned visit will enhance your chances of receiving an offer.

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