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Ask Yourself These 3 Questions before Making a Move

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Summary: Have you gone through multiple career transitions? Make sure they won’t affect your marketability. Ask yourself these questions before moving again.


Question: Since graduating in 2016 I have held two full-time positions—one for a year and the other for six months. Recently, another firm with an attractive offer approached me. The only thing keeping me from accepting is my concern about how it will look on my resume. Is it best not to jump from firm to firm, or is this acceptable because I am a recent graduate?

Answer: The fact that another employer is recruiting you is a clear indication that you are marketable. Moving from firm to firm will not necessarily work against you, although your reasons for moving will influence employers’ perceptions.

Now is the time to assess longer-term goals and set a strategy to make these moves fit into your overall plan. Making moves with a purpose, rather than moves just for the money, will increase your job satisfaction, lead to personal development and position you favorably with future employers.

Assess the current offer, as well as opportunities yet to come, with an eye to your long-term goals. Along with salary considerations, factor in your responses to the following questions:

1. Am I ready to leave my current employer, having acquired new skills and contributed to the betterment of the organization? Do I have an impressive list of accomplishments to highlight for my next employer?

2. Does the new potential employer offer opportunities for growth and the likelihood of challenge for the next year or longer?

3. Is a move at this time in alignment with my personal values and long-term objectives?

Answering affirmatively to these questions will allow for continuing movement and exploration, and at the same time advance your agenda.

Ask Yourself These 3 Questions before Making a Move by
Authored by: Andrew Ostler

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