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To Succeed, Go Where Teachers Are Needed

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Summary: Considering moving to the US? Learn how you can land a job teaching English as a second language and Spanish in New York City.


Question: I would like to apply for a foreign language (Spanish) teaching position in New York City. I am very experienced in teaching both English as a second language and Spanish. I hope to visit the New York area soon for a personal interview, if necessary. Where can I find information about programs or international recruitment offices?

Answer: Information about becoming a teacher in New York City can be found on the city’s Board of Education website. According to this site, teachers are required to be U.S. citizens or have the appropriate visa employment status. More information can be found here:

Collect as much information as possible before your visit, and make every effort to meet personally with representatives when you are in New York. Through family, friends or professional connections, call on any personal contacts that you might have to help gather information and open doors. There is a definite need for your expertise, but be sure to look into housing possibilities, as affordable housing is difficult to come by in the metropolitan area.

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