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Choose a Business School That Meets Your Needs

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Summary: Learn about the importance of business school rankings in choosing a school in this article.


Question: I’m trying to decide on an M.B.A. program. If I’m not accepted at one of the top-10 schools, does it make a difference where I attend?

Answer: Selecting the business school that best meets your needs is very important, not so much from the hiring standpoint as from the quality-of-learning standpoint. With all due respect to the top-10 programs, there’s a whole world of business schools out there, so being passed over by one or all of the top 10 isn’t a death sentence.

The perceived market potential may be a major consideration, but you also should scrutinize the breadth and depth of the schools you’re considering. There’s tremendous variation in cost, approach, specialties, faculty expertise, location, alumni connections and career-counseling assistance, all of which will affect your job prospects and overall learning experience. Rank these variables and decide what you’re most interested in obtaining from the educational experience, then research and target the schools that provide the best fit.

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Authored by: Andrew Ostler

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