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If You Love Halloween Consider These 6 Jobs

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Face painting is a career you should consider if you love Halloween.

Halloween is among the most fun holidays of the year. And between pumpkin patches and costume stores, it creates a large number of seasonal jobs. But there are some additional career paths worth a try if you love Halloween and want it to last year-round. Here are 6 Halloween related jobs for you to consider.

If you love face painting try working as a…

Makeup artist

While it’s a key part of any Halloween, it’s often an overlooked job option. Makeup artists can work with a theater, salon, spa, or as a freelancer. If you have a passion for cosmetics and can provide excellent customer service then this may be a great job to consider. But keep in mind Halloween is only once a year so unless you’re in the theater, you won’t be doing the vampire makeup very often.

Average annual salary for make-up artists is $43,000.

If you love Halloween candy work as a…

Candy maker (confectioner)

Although Halloween and candy are synonymous with one another, the sweet tooth doesn’t vanish after the trick-or-treaters go home. People eat sugary treats year-round so there are a variety of candy-related jobs you can land. There are jobs in both candy stores making candy. If want to get into making sweets you’ll want to have some experience in a professional kitchen.

Average annual salary for a confectioner is $40,000.

If you love to make costumes try a career as a…

Costume designer

If you found stitching together the perfect Halloween costume to be a great experience then perhaps you should consider a career as a costume designer, a job mostly reserved for theater, films or television. If you excel with the needle and thread, have strong artistic skills and some experience with fashion or the theater, costume design might be worth considering.

Average annual salary for a costume designer is $34,000.

If you’re great at carving pumpkins get a job as a…

Wood Carver

The act of carving up your pumpkin for the big night may not have got you thinking about possible careers. But truth is, the skills that carving a pumpkin require can open up a variety of career paths. Of course, there are meat carving jobs. But if you’re taking your carving to a more artistic level then perhaps you want to look into wood carving.

Average annual salary for wood carvers is $28,000.

If you love trick-or-treating start a career as a…


If your Halloween included a bit of trick-or-treating, and you got home with a pillowcase of candy, then maybe you need to think about sales, specifically door-to-door sales. If you have a knack for making the sale and are approachable, pleasant, and can provide fantastic customer service, this may be the job for you.

Average annual salary for a salesman is $59,000.

If you love to dress up try working as a…


There are some jobs that allow you to stay dressed up year-round. One such job is working as a clown. Now before you get any ideas, a clown doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll need to join the circus. Most clowns are freelance, and provide entertainment at parties, events, so forth. If you have the act down and love to put a smile on people’s face, then working as a clown can be a job for you to consider.

Average annual salary for a clown is $38,000.

All salaries via Simply Hired’s salary estimator.

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