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Should I Go Back To School?

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back to school

Human beings are hardwired to evolve. That’s why you can’t just sit still and be satisfied. You know that nagging feeling you’ve been having–that sense that you are ready for something new? That itch is your inner self asking, “Could it be time to hit the books again?”

In addition to your internal motivations compelling you back to the classroom, here are some external motivations that may look familiar:

  • You’ve been sifting through Granted posts, and you see that your dream job requires an advanced degree.
  • Someday you would love to do your boss’s job. You could do it blindfolded, but you need an additional certification.
  • Your career has led you in a new direction, and now you want to get credentialed in that discipline and get started on your new path.
  • You didn’t get the chance to go to college when you were younger, and now you have that opportunity.

Many employers will help cover continuing education costs. Check with your colleagues in human resources and find out what your company offers.

Also, keep in mind that colleges and universities have put a lot of effort into courting working professionals. They are committed to making this doable for you. They offer a host of online, evening and weekend classes to accommodate non-traditional students’ schedules.

Don’t wait until “the perfect time”

The “perfect time” is a demotivating myth. A college degree is not going to hand itself to you. It’s going to make you come after it, and sometimes that is going to be hard. But other times, it is going to feel amazing.

There is something so powerful about operating to full intellectual capacity. It unlocks pockets of energy you didn’t even know you had. The challenges of higher education will feel good to your mind–like kickboxing for your intellect.

University campuses are vibrant places; in addition to the courses they offer, there is usually an engaging arts, culture, and sports scene. It’s a full mind and body workout, and it’s just the exercise you’ve been craving.

Also, colleagues, friends and family members are going to start pouring on the support to tell you how much they admire what you are doing. And they should. Going back to school is an applaudable pursuit.

Professional skills enhance scholastic efforts

Because of your efforts in the workforce, you have honed skills that will serve you well as a student. You are probably a pro at juggling multiple priorities and deadlines, paying attention to details, working with a group, researching, writing, presenting, etc. Your work as a student will call upon many of the skills that are second nature to you as a professional. Plus, attending classes will be far more compelling that some of the meetings you’ve had to sit through.

You’ve got this

Going back to school will be a cultural shift. You will encounter growing pains, just like with every transformation. But it will also get you to where you want to be professionally and give you the chance to prove to yourself that you can do this. So roll up your sleeves and get started on your own personal evolution.

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