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Introductions May Help You Get an Interview

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Summary: Learn how to ask for an introduction so that you can better your chances of getting an interview.

You never know what might result from an introduction or a new connection. Landing an interview is hard enough but if you are able to get an introduction first, then your chances of getting that interview will be increased. Turn to a college friend or colleague to get that introduction but do so carefully. Follow these steps to make the request of someone you haven’t talked to in a while to make the process a little less intimidating.

Turn to LinkedIn – LinkedIn can be very informative when trying to find out where the acquaintance is working, living, etc. Look to see if they started a new job and then ask them how it is. If there is something else going on that they are connected to, perhaps a major weather event in their area or changes in their industry, then comment on that.

Get to the meat – Once the small talk is out of the way you can get to the reason of why you are reaching out to them. Explain that you either applied for a job, would like an “in” at the company, or are looking for an informational interview with someone they know. Whatever the reason, make it very clear that they can say no. There may be reasons that you aren’t aware of for why they can’t help you, such as they are no longer in contact with the person you are asking for an introduction with or left their former company on bad terms. Remember that you are asking for a favor, not making a demand.

Call to action – Be specific in what you are asking. Do you just want them to put in a good word for them? Do you want to be cc’d or bcc’d on the email they send? Do you want them to recommend you for a specific role?

Give thanks – Get down and grovel. Say “thank you” for even considering to help you out. They owe you nothing so don’t assume or expect them to do anything for you.

How would reach out to someone for a favor like an introduction? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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Introductions May Help You Get an Interview by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin