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20 Ways to Show Employee Recognition

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employee recognition

Summary: Show your employees that you appreciate them and recognize their hard work in one of these 20 ways.

Recognizing your employees’ accomplishments go a long way to ensuring your team is happy and feeling valued by the company. Employee surveys indicate that employees that are not appreciated at work are likely to leave. Don’t let your company make the mistake of failing to reward hard working employees and losing them for this failure.

Coming up with ways to show your employees that their hard work is noticed can be difficult so here are twenty ways to help the process.

  1. Say thanks

Frequently acknowledge your employee’s hard work verbally. Mention how their work helps the company or assists clients and customers.

  1. Publicize their achievement

Use a company newsletter or a staff meeting to feature standout employees.

  1. Put the achievement in writing

Give a handwritten thank you note or copy senior executives in an email highlighting the employee’s efforts.

  1. Spread the word

Share messages from clients or other stakeholders applauding the work done by a fellow employee.

  1. Keep a record

Keep a record of each worker’s contributions so that you can easily check back during times like performance reviews.

  1. Let them display

Give employees the opportunity to show off the results of a project to senior executives.

  1. Support continuing education

Provide opportunities or tuition assistance for your employees to gain additional skills. Also give financial assistance for any exams your employees take to obtain professional certifications.

  1. Encourage professional development

Provide options for reimbursement to employees that are members of industry associations or attend conferences. Also provide subscriptions to work-related publications.

  1. Award them

Not only award them within your own team, nominate them for external award like employee of the month. These kinds of achievements come with special rewards that you cannot provide, such as a reserved parking space or their photo on the wall for customers to see.

  1. Feed them and talk

Go out and pick up lunch for you and an employee. While you eat, discuss their career goals and department objectives.

  1. Give a little

Offer up rewards like gift cards, movie tickets, event tickets, gift baskets, and other prizes to employees that go above and beyond on a project or everyday work.

  1. Provide monetary awards

If there is money for it, straight cash goes a long way to show appreciation to hard working employees as well as to motivate your other employees to work harder.

  1. Show appreciation

Handing out personalized certificates or plaques may not seem like a big deal but employees appreciate this gesture when they are doing things they don’t think get noticed.

  1. Treat them

Employees always appreciate a treat at the office. Bring in something special like cupcakes, doughnuts, pizza, sandwiches, or whatever you think your team or selected employees would enjoy.

  1. Celebrate milestones

Hold a luncheon or off-site event to celebrate an employees work anniversary or the completion of a large project or special event.

  1. Give a gift of time

For an employee that really stands out for something they have done, offer the gift of extra time off or additional vacation days.

  1. Introduce them to management

Do your employees a favor and introduce them to senior executives, noting to the executives what accomplishments the employee has achieved.

  1. Offer the power of choice

Every employee has something different that motivates them so give them a choice. Provide them with options for a reward and let them pick which reward they would like.

  1. Develop leaders

Ask those employees with top qualities to mentor others, helping them develop additional leadership skills while also acknowledging their achievement as a great employee worthy of training others.

  1. Present advancement opportunities

Implement a policy of promoting from within. Make sure your employees know this and help them down the right path so that they are able to be considered for a promotion.

How would you like to be rewarded by your boss? Share your ideas with us in the comments below.

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Authored by: Amanda Griffin