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10 Signs It Is Time to Leave Your Job

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Summary: Knowing when to decide to give up your job is not always a straightforward decision.

Deciding to secure a new position or try your luck unemployed is a big step and shouldn’t be done casually. The reasons for reaching the point where it is best to leave your job vary for each person. Knowing when you have reached the point when a job change is necessary is not always clear. Use these signs to determine if you have reached that point and need a change.

1. You get to be too good.

A lot of experience is gained through your work but eventually, you may reach a point where your assigned work isn’t providing any additional growth. You may find that you no longer learn new skills or are required to stretch yourself to get the projects done.

2. You can’t see where you are going anymore.

Your job is supposed to lead you to your future. If the company you work for is small and not seeing much growth, opportunities to grow and advance within the company may be slim. If you bring a unique set of skills to the company, you want to be able to continue developing them into a better future job. A position that has various roles may make it hard to define a clear future path.

3. You can see where you are going.

Your job may be setting a clear image of your future, which is not where you are now. You may realize that you are interested in something completely different so a change in jobs would be necessary to get where you see yourself in the future.

4. You have done the research.

You need to do research into your position and other related positions to see if yours is missing anything. Compare what you like about your job and what you don’t like. Consider all factors, including work environment, the company’s mission, what skills you use, etc. to decide if your current position works for now or a change is warranted immediately.

5. You can’t wait to get off work.

While you may enjoy what you do, you find yourself wanting more of a challenge and left bored until that challenge comes. If you find yourself watching the minutes go by because you are so disinterested in work, it is time for a change.

6. You don’t love your job.

Some may say they would “marry” their job they love it so much and are committed to it. When you don’t have the same feelings for your job, it may be a good sign that something needs to change.

7. You have more potential.

Colleagues and peers may tell you that they see greater potential in you than your current job requires. While they may not directly tell you this, you can tell that they feel this way when they start giving you new opportunities, mentorships, and/or lots of affirmation.

8. Your body says it is time.

Listen to your body. It knows when it is time to go. Your body may be out of balance with changes in appetite or sleep patterns or have bodily pains like muscle pains, back pains, and headaches. These changes are signs alongside the other reasons listed above for you to make a change.

9. You have a strong feeling.

Have you ever tried flipping a coin to make a decision only to be mad about the outcome? This is a great way to really learn how you feel about something. If you flip the coin and it tells you to keep your job but you find yourself really disappointed by the decision, then you have your answer. Your inner self is secretly pulling you in the other direction, telling you to make a change.

10. You give yourself the “last day of life” challenge.

Have you ever thought about what you would do if this was the last day of your life? Would you want to be at your job? This is a challenge that Steve Jobs gave himself every morning. If the overwhelming answer to this challenge is that you would not want to be wasting away at your current position then get out.

After reading these signs, do you need a career change? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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Authored by: Amanda Griffin